Isis Dance Studio provides traditional oriental middle eastern belly dance tuition in Pietermaritzburg

Isis Dance Studio provides traditional oriental middle eastern belly dance tuition in Pietermaritzburg

Pelham, Pietermaritzburg Belly Dancing Studio

At the Isis Dance Studio, based in Pelham, Pietermaritzburg, KZN, the Egyptian approach to the dance is followed and women of all ages and sizes get the opportunity to dance, learning the basic techniques and choreographies, but more importantly, to just be themselves, rid themselves of their believed limitations, whatever they may be, and become one with the music and rhythms, expressing themselves freely and creatively, thereby gaining self-confidence.

Belly-dancing has the obvious physical benefits of any exercise, releasing endorphins which functions therapeutically as a mood enhancer. Inner tension fades away leading to emotional well being. But belly-dancing goes one step further. It bridges the gap between the brain and the body so that you tap into your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental being. The sensual, rhythmic response aroused by dance and music is used as a way of bypassing the conscious mind and making contact with the inner emotional world. By and through dancing, emotions can be expressed in a nonverbal way and accepted by the conscious self. Rather than something to be learned, belly-dancing is a state to strive for. When you align your spirit with your body, you become a fluid, expressive,
in-the-moment creature and the dance becomes mindful meditation.

Private & Group belly dance tuition offered:

From Mondays to Saturdays, 08:00h till 20:00h, classes are arranged to suit individual circumstances.

  • Certificated introductory 4-week courses
    (Certificate issued on completion)
  • Customized lessons with a focus on the following:
    • Techniques and choreographies
    • Classical Egyptian style
    • Modern Egyptian styles
    • Therapeutic aspect and improvisation

Bellydance entertainment evenings offered

  • Social girls' nights / hen parties with middle eastern music, dance and refreshments; or
  • belly dance functions for celebratory occasions like bridal showers, birthdays, etc. at the studio or your venue of choice.

Contact belly dancer instructor Liz

For more information on
traditional belly dance classes and social evenings
in Pelham, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Cell no:  082 455 8760

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“Dance is the essence of mystery.
Through dance we experience a dimension
that the linear mind is not structured to perceive.
It may have been dance that enabled us to first conceive
of existences beyond our immediate physical experience,
thereby creating the concept of spirituality, of 'God'.”
- Iris Stewart