About belly dance instructor, Liz

With a music and ballet background and a degree in psychology, Liz started her Middle Eastern dance training in 2003 in Pietermaritzburg. She was the first to complete all 7 Belly Dance Association of South Africa amateur grades and subsequently passed the Teacher’s examination.

Her love is the classical Egyptian style which is elegant and graceful, but as the dance is ever evolving and fusion is inevitable, she incorporates modern movements into her choreographies.

To further her training, she has attended numerous workshops and private lessons in South Africa, presented by both local and international teachers such as Akasha, Belyssa, Beverley Joffe, Marocca, Paola Blanton, Sanet Halck, Senta Duffield, Shalimar, Tamalyn Dallal, Valentina, Yasmina of Cairo and Nuriyya of Belgium.

In 2009 she received  private tuition focusing on improvisation and incorporating body-mind centering techniques in dancing from Sabouschka (teacher specializing in Egyptian belly-dance and professional performing) in Amsterdam.


Since 2008 she has travelled to Egypt on an annual basis to extend her knowledge of Oriental dancing and has attended workshops presented by the following master teachers:
Mahmoud Reda (Oriental rhythms) Farida Fahmy (Oriental technique),  Nagwa Fouad (Oriental technique), Dr. Hassan Khalil (Oum Kalthoum: Inta Omri technique, expression in Egyptian style) Aida Nour (Oriental technique), Liza Laziza (Saidi and Khaleegy), Mona Gharib (Balady), Ibrahim Abd Elmaksud (Balady) and Olfat Hassan (Zar technique)

She has also received private tuition and attended master classes focusing on the Egyptian style with:
Mahmoud Reda, known as the Godfather of Dance in Egypt (Cairo, 2008), Nevein Ramez, 2nd generation dancer and ex-manager of the Reda Troupe (Cairo, 2008), Outi Boman, ex-member of the Finnish Masrah Dance Company, currently professional performer and teacher (Cairo, 2009), Nuriyya, assistant of Prof. Hassan Khalil of the International Saray of Culture (Cairo, 2011), and Yasmina of Cairo, dancer and teacher (Cairo, 2011)

In 2012, Liz attended a course in Cairo at the International Saray for Oriental Culture on the Pharaonic and Classical Egyptian Dance; and in Luxor, a master class with Sadan Ali on Upper Egyptian Saidi dancing (Raks al Assaya).

On invitation, Liz as qualified translator, is currently translating Farida Fahmy’s  Master’s thesis, The Creative Development of Mahmoud Reda; a Contemporary Egyptian Choreographer into Afrikaans.

Liz is a BDASA (Belly Dancing Association of South Africa) and SADTA (South African Dance Teachers Association) certified teacher and member.

With Mahmoud Reda

With Nevein Ramez

With Liza Laziza

With Nuriyya

With Prof. Hassan Khalil

With Olfat Hassan

With Yasmina of Cairo

With Farida Fahmy

"I see dance being used as communication between body and soul,
to express what is too deep to find for words."
-Ruth St. Denis